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Dried Young Organic Jackfruit - Family Size

Our Jackfruit is the perfect animal meat substitute, you can create amazing recipes to substitute fish, pork, chicken, beef.


You now have full control of the flavor and texture of your recipes.


Our 100% natural Dehydrated Jackfruit grows 3 times in size and 6 times in weight once boiled. The more you boil it, the softer it gets and the more it grows in weight and size.


There is only 1 ingredient, 100% natural Dehydrated Jackfruit.


No special storage is needed before opening the package or after opening the package. It can last up to 2 years in dried storage.


Our product is 100% sustainable.

WHOLESALE PRICING Dried Young Organic Jackfruit 105.8 oz -100Lb of Jackfruit Once Cooked. savings and size -You need to purchase 202 cans of jackfruit meat to get the equivalent of 100lb that our 3kg bag of Dehydrated Jackfruit meat grows to, once cooked.


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