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Our founders, Mrs. Karina Rosales, President and Mr. Pedro Rosales, Vice President, are a married couple who decided to bring together their expertise and passion to form a company in which they would be able to fulfill the need and the demand of a 100% organic meat substitute product.

Our President, Mrs. Karina Rosales, is a woman full of energy, who feels good and maintains a healthy life due to her applying her extensive knowledge of healthy eating. She is constantly searching for ways to maintain a healthy diet and finding ways to help others do the same. She is a proud woman born in Mexico, where she also enjoyed being a business woman.

Our Vice President, Mr. Pedro Rosales, is a very successful entrepreneur for the last 18 years of his life, with a proven record of success in various industries, including Business development consulting, importing, telecommunications and Investments, who also managed a few of the top fortune 100 companies in America.

Jackfruit Land was born in the middle of a pandemic, seeing the great need for a healthier and plant-based diet, as well as reducing the consumption of animal meat and contributing to the care of the planet, we believe that plants are the food of the future, thus resuming the way of feeding of our ancestors achieving a healthier life.Jackfruit Land has managed to find a product that is 100% organic, healthy while preserving an unbeatable texture and the benefits that this super fruit has for you.We make sure to choose the best plantation and that the fruits are selected in their optimal state, for which we choose the oldest food preservation process, DEHYDRATION, and thus you will get the best "vegetable meat" experience in your hands.Jackfruit is the most sustainable and healthy vegetable alternative to meat in the world.


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